44% Teeth Whitening Kit

Laser Teeth Whitening Light

laser teeth whitening led light

Laser-Light Accelerator

Increases the whitening speed by 300%!

Laser LED Light Includes: (1) Laser Tooth Bleaching Light. Laser Light - Increases the whitening speed by 300% vs. gel alone.
(2) Lithium Batteries. Complete Instructions.

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  • Light system specifically designed and manufactured for teeth whitening.
  • Based on a Blue light system with the exact light frequency of nanometers to activate the gel.
  • Increase the teeth bleaching speed by 300%.
  • Exact same laser-light Dentists use chairside.
  • Only light system made for our Hi-Intensity 44% and 36% gel with FDA  approved materials.
  • ISO9001, ISO13485, CE and FCC certificates for products as a teeth whitening device.
  • Recommended teeth whitening gel: 44% Photo-Intiator Gel or 36% Gel.
  • Professional kits with laser-light included: 30-minute treatment and Laser Kit.

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