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Star Teeth Whitening™ customers have reviewed each product in order to help our future customers decide on what teeth whitening products and kits work best for you. Each product has been reviewed between 1-5 stars.

30-Minute Pro Series + 44% Gel

30 Minute Teeth Whitening ReviewsReviews:
"Noticed a significant difference after the first time using it. Super fast shipping!" - Dana, Tampla FL.
"Fast results and saved $400 vs. my dentist by bleaching at-home. Would highly recommend!" - John, Los Angeles, CA.
"Had some tooth sensitivity with the 44% gel but overall worked as described. Fast shipping!" -Ariel, Minneapolis, MN.

OVERALL: Reviews

Our 30 Minute Light-White™ Treatment is an important new innovation in teeth whitening. It is a light-activated teeth whitening gel that contains a true patent-pending photo-initiator that has the ability to catalyze the rapid release of whitening-free radicals when exposed to UV and visible light in the range of 360 - 480 nm. + View 30-Minute Kit

Advanced Laser Kit + 36% Gel

Laser Teeth Whitening ReviewsReviews:
"Second purchase with this company, highly recommended, great products that work! - Kyle, Manhattan, NY.
"I messed up my first trays & they happily sent me replacement- THANK YOU! A++ " - Mark, Chicago, IL.
"Item exactly as described, fast shipping, seems to be working well after a few treatments. " - Sandy, Savage, MN.

OVERALL:4 stars

Our most popular teeth whitening kit used by top cosmetic dentists worldwide. Includes: Three dental strength 36% gel, laser-light, lithium batteries, custom-fit mouth trays, desensitize + remineralize gel. + View Laser Teeth Whitening Kit

Zero Sensitivity Kit + 22% Gel

22% Teeth Whitening Reviewsreviews:
"Worked great with my tooth sensitivity issues. The desensitize gel is a must when using it" - Diane, Orlando, FL.
"Didn't see significant results. Will be trying a higher concentration next time" - Matt, Sydney, Australia.
"Thanks for great 22% teeth whitening kit... A bright smile makes a nice first impression!" - Dana, Tampla FL.

OVERALL: 4 stars

Zero Sensitivity. Recommended for users with sensitive teeth. Includes: Three 22% carbamide peroxide gel, custom-fit mouth trays, desensitize + remineralize gel. + View 22% Teeth Whitening Kit

44% Teeth Whitening Gel

44% Teeth Whitening GelOur strongest teeth whitening gel available. Not recommended for first time users. Includes: 10cc 44% carbamide peroxide gel.


36% Teeth Whitening Gel

36% Teeth Whitening Gel

Our most popular teeth whitening gel used by top cosmetic dentists worldwide. Includes: 10cc 36% carbamide peroxide gel.


35% Teeth Whitening Gel

35% Teeth Whitening Gel

35% carbamide peroxide refill gel. Popular strength among dentists. Includes: 10cc 35% carbamide peroxide refill gel. Try out the 35% gel today.


22% Teeth Whitening Gel

22% Teeth Whitening Gel

Our lowest concentration gel available. It is recommended for users with tooth sensitivity issues. Includes: 10cc 22% carbamide peroxide gel.


Light-White™ Photo-Initiator Gel

Photo-Initiator Gel

Pro series photo-initiator gel. Used chair side in-office. Not recommended for first time users. Includes: 3cc 44% Light-White™ gel.


Custom-Form Teeth Whitening Trays

Custom Mouth Trays

Custom-fit teeth whitening mouth trays for better whitening performance. Includes two custom trays and at-home forming instructions.


New Dual Silicone Tray - Instant-Fit

Dual Silicone Tray

New dual silicone tray for an instant fit without molding. Ready to use immediately. Includes: dual silicone tray and complete instructions.


Plasma Laser-Light

Laser-Light Reviews

Laser light accelerator to increase the whitening speed by 300%. Includes: laser-light accelerator, lithium batteries, auto 10-minute timer.