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Top Teeth Whitening Products

30 minute system
New Light-White™ 30 minute teeth whitening kit.
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36% system
Laser-activated professional teeth whitening system.

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22% system
Zero Sensitivity. Recommended for first time users or those with tooth sensitivity or bad overall dental health.
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30 minute gel
44% Light-White™ laser-activated teeth whitening gel refills. (3Pack)
36% gel
36% teeth whitening gel refills. (3Pack)
22% gel
22% teeth whitening gel refills. (3Pack)

Best Sellers Frequently Asked Questions:

What Top Teeth Whitening System is Best for Me?
When choosing an at-home teeth whitening system, it is best to consult your Dentist before starting any teeth whitening technique. If you have great overall dental health, we recommend our 30 Minute System or our Laser System. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, we recommend our 22% Teeth Whitening System.

What is the Difference in Gel Strengths?
The higher the concentration (percentage), the more potent the formula. With higher concentrations of gel usually brings a faster whitening speed.

Does My Dentist Offer Star Teeth Whitening Products?
Contact your Dentist to see if they offer Star Teeth Whitening. Prices are good for online purchases only and we do not guarantee your Dentists charges the same.

Top Customer Reviews:

Ordered the 30 Minute Treatment and could not be happier with my new smile. Thank You!

Wow! Saw immediate results after the first treatment! Fast Shipping A++

Second purchase from star teeth whitening. Perfect as always and will continue to buy from u guys!


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