In-office treatments are available by select Cosmetic Dentists. To find a Dentist that offers the Star Treatment, visit our Dentist Directory.

The Star Teeth Whitening™ Difference:

  • Visible Results After a Single Treatment
  • HomeOver 15 Years Experience Researching and Developing Top Quality Dental Products
  • We are the Leading Supplier to Dentists Worldwide
  • FDA Approved Materials – We only use the highest quality syringes that are in a controlled lab for safety and compliance
  • We use only the highest quality ingredients, such as, Kosher USP glycerin and maximum strength USP grade CP (strongest available)


Star Teeth Whitening was Awarded “Best Teeth Whitening Gel ” by Cosmetic Dentistry Reports – 2018

Inovation, technology, and clinical trials makes us different from the rest. A brighter, more whiter smile is now only a few clicks away.



Pro teeth whitening results