Dentures – Types and Costs

Dentures – Types and Costs

There are quite a few different types of dentures available today for a specialized and precise treatment. There are a variety of different denture types and typically cost $500 to $100 per arch.


Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are used for replacing all the teeth, both upper and lower. The comfort of complete dentures is reliant on the bones, muscles, saliva and tongue. Patients are provided with conventional dentures to be worn after the locations from which the teeth have been pulled out are thoroughly healed.

Immediate Dentures

These dentures are placed, since sometimes you require certain additional adjustments even after the process of healing is over. It usually takes months for the tissues and the bones to stabilize after the extraction of tooth / teeth.

Upper Dentures

Upper dentures are easily adjustable as they fit really well inside the mouth. These are ideally designed for the upper teeth and they are made using the same materials as the complete dentures.

Over Dentures

Over dentures happen to be a typical conventional denture type quite similar to the complete dentures. In this case, all the teeth aren’t extracted, and also some teeth are used for support. This also ensures better stabilization while you are chewing or biting foods. This particular denture type is more expensive and also requires more preparation.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are usually designed for correcting the gaps occurring in a smile when there are a few missing teeth. Metal attachments are used for anchoring the dentures to the natural teeth. Partial dentures help in maintaining the alignment of your tooth by preventing the other teeth from changing its position. It further prevents the loss of teeth caused by gum diseases or tooth decay.

Choosing a Dentist

Denture is a complicated procedure that involves proficiency. Therefore, you need to choose an efficient cosmetic dentist for this purpose. A dentist trained and experienced in denture procedure is a must. For instance, there are many dentists in general performing this procedure in the nation, but not all of them are experts, you actually need orthodontists for this purpose with 3 years of advanced training in the field of restorative dentistry.

Only qualified dentists should be appointed for a denture procedure.

Make sure you check the credentials of the dentist before you actually allow him/her to carry on with the treatment.

The Cost of Dentures: $300-$500

The cost of the dentures procedure depends on quite a lot of factors like:

  • The need to get an additional procedure done, such as any extractions or any oral surgery involving the bones.
  • If done by a prosthodontist specialized in dentures crafting, he is likely to charge additional feed for services.
  • The location is an important factor to be considered.
  • The complexity of the procedure.
  • The materials used for dentures. This is the choice of the candidate who has opted for dentures.

Cost of dentures could range from $500 to $300 for each arch (either upper or lower). The dentist usually charges $300 to $1500 per arch depending on his experience and the location. This is one such procedure for which you need to check whether or not you are getting a dental insurance coverage.

Pros and Cons


Dentures can give you a beautiful and a healthy smile while retaining the natural appearance of your teeth. They are made of durable materials and they last long as well.


It takes some time to get used to the denture. You need to work hard to maintain it and also enhance its durability. It can sometimes be an expensive treatment too.

Dentures are usually used for replacing missing tooth thus giving you a beautiful and healthy smile. The cost of dentures depends on the procedures involved.