Top Dentist in Detroit – Dr. Noah Levi, DDS

Dr. Noah Levi, DDS

About Dr. Noah Levi, DDS:
Dr. Noah Levi is a top dentist in Detroit. He has earned his degree in dental price at the Case Western, Ohio, in the year 1985. He is the founder member of Southfield Family Dental Care Detroit. Dr. Levi aims to improve dentistry and take it beyond the healthcare science. The artistic side of dentistry has been pointed out by Dr. Levi. He has been taking continuing education as a part of his routine for keeping up with the advancements in dental science and cosmetic care. He has also graduated in Anterior Aesthetics Program, Pacific Aesthetic Program and Pacific Anterior Aesthetic Program.

Cosmetic Treatments:

Porcelain VeneersVeneers
Dental veneers are the latest range of cosmetic dental tools that can improve the shape and size of teeth, while improving whitening effects too. Composite or porcelain veneers are worn to correct any type of alignment problems, spacing, cracks, chips and other deformities.

Lumineers are excellent solutions for pain-free teeth whitening that will give you permanent results. Lumineers are the ultra-thin and highly translucent material that can replicate the appearance of natural enamel. It works better than veneers. It is an excellent solution to many problems, available at Southfield Family Dental Care Detroit.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is done at Southfield Family Dental Care Detroit. The top dentist takes care of the procedure and oral health and recommends any of the three options – Home Bleach Trays, In office Zoom Teeth Whitening or Kor Whitening.

Dental Crowns
Depending on the condition of teeth, Southfield Family Dental Care Detroit dentist recommends a dental crown. There could be various possible reasons for this choice, such as protecting weak tooth, restoring broken tooth, covering or supporting large filling, for holding a dental bridge and others.

Dental Bonding
Bonding is a procedure in which a tooth can be sculpted to give it a perfect shape by affixing tooth-like resin. It creates stronger and more durable surface. Southfield Family Dental Care Detroit will give you the best dental bonding you require.

Dental Bridge
Dental bridge is literally a bridge that fills up the gaps between one or multiple missing teeth. The process of creating a bridge involves two crowns of teeth, to be added on either sides of the missing tooth to create an anchoring effect. The false tooth will be in between, which retains the natural look and supports functionality too.

Dr, Noah Levi, DDS
18800 West 10 Mile Road Suite 1
Southfield, Detroit, MI 48075
Call: 248-569-6304


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