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Teeth Whitening Refill Gel - Dental Strength

Star Teeth Whitening offers a variety of professional teeth whitening gels and refills. We offer 44%, 36%, 35%, 22%, and our 44% advanced laser-activated gel. Our gels are made fresh daily with results lasting for up to two years. Active ingredients includes pure carbamide peroxide (dental strength) with FDA approved materials. These are the same teeth whitening gels that your Dentist offers but without the high cost. If you are a Dentist looking to expand your practice with Star Teeth Whitening™ gels, please contact us.

Our teeth whitening gel was formulated by celebrity cosmetic dentist, Dr. Georgio Vatelli DDS. With new advanced teeth whitening technologies, now is the best time to achieve a radiant smile with Star Teeth Whitening™. From the dentist to your door!

44% teeth whitening gel
44% Refill Gel.
Our strongest teeth whitening gel available. Not recommended for first time users.
44% Gel 3pack
44% professional teeth whitening gel by STAR.
44% Teeth Whitening Gel


  • (3) 44% Star Teeth Whitening Gel.
  • Shade Guide.
  • At-Home Instructions.
$69.95 + Free S/H
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36% teeth whitening gel
36% Refill Gel.
Our most popular teeth whitening gel used by top cosmetic dentists worldwide.
36% Gel 3pack
36% professional teeth whitening gel by STAR.
36% Teeth Whitening Gel


  • (3) 36% Star Teeth Whitening Gel.
  • Shade Guide.
  • At-Home Instructions.
$59.95 + Free S/H
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35% teeth whitening gel
35% Refill Gel.
35% carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel. Results in 5 treatments.
35% Gel 3pack
35% professional teeth whitening gel by STAR.
35% Teeth Whitening Gel


  • (3) 35% Star Teeth Whitening Gel.
  • Shade Guide.
  • At-Home Instructions.
$49.95 + Free S/H
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22% Teeth Whitening Refill Gel
22% teeth whitening gel

Zero Sensitivity
. Our lowest concentration gel available. Recommended for users with sensitivity issues.
22% GEL
22% dental strength Star teeth bleaching gel.


  • (3) 22% Star Teeth Whitening Gel.
  • Shade Guide.
  • At-Home Instructions.
$49.95 + Free S/H
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30-Minute Light-White™ Gel
30 minute gel

Pro series photo-initiator gel. Not recommended for first time users. Results after a single 30min treatment.
30 Minute Gel
Use with laser-light for instant results.


  • (3) 44% Photo-Initiator Light-White™ Gel.
  • Shade Guide.
  • At-Home Instructions.
Sale: $69.95 + Free S/H
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Tooth Desensitize Gel
Tooth desensitize Gel

Deter Sensitivity - Eliminate tooth sensitivity and remineralize gums for a healthier, brighter smile.
Desensitize Gel
Tooth desensitize + remineralize oral gel.


  • (3) Desensitize + Remineralize Gel.
  • Shade Guide.
  • At-Home Instructions.
$29.95 + Free S/H
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Strength of Gel is Best for Me?
The strength of the gel is determined by how much percentage of carbamide peroxide (bleaching agent) is in the syringe. The higher the strength, the more potent the formula.
Normal Teeth:
We recommend our 30-Minute Gel, 36% Gel, or 35% Gel.

Do you have sensitive teeth?
If yes, we recommend our 22% teeth whitening gel. If you don't have sensitivity issues we recommend our 35% or 36% teeth whitening gels.

What gel percentage is the strongest?
Our 30 Minute Gel and 36% carbamide peroxide gel is considered to be the strongest available.

What teeth whitening gel delivers the fastest results?
Our professional teeth whitening gel refills will deliver dental quality results at-home with results depending on the concentration of carbamide peroxide. The higher the concentration, the faster the results.

Can I buy Star Teeth Whitening™ Gels from my Dentist?
We have over 100 cosmetic dentists world-wide offering Star Teeth Whitening™ gel. Please contact your local dentist to determine if they offer our gels.

What if I do not see dramatic results?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our products and gels. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your results, simply return the unused gels and receive a full refund. No questions asked.

I need trays; what teeth whitening kit do you recommend?
For first time users, we recommend our 22% teeth whitening system. For more experienced users, consider our 30-minute teeth whitening kit or our laser-light kit.

What are the active ingredients?
The active bleaching agent in our teeth whitening gel is carbamide peroxide.

Are your teeth whitening gels safe?
Yes. Our refill gels are 100% safe to use. Tooth sensitivity may occur with our stronger percentages.

I already have custom mouth trays from my dentist. Can I use these gels?
Yes. These are the same whitening gels your dentist supplies.
Our teeth whitening gels are made fresh daily and have a two year shelf life.

Customer Reviews

Thanks for the great product & super FAST shipping!!

TWICE the size and HALF the price of getting them from my dentist! FIVE STARS!

Laser light works great! Saw a big difference the first time. Thank you!!

I love this tooth whitener! It's the best!! Superfast shipping! Thank U!

awesome teeth whitener, quick delivery, A+++

received the product within 2 days. I'm using it right now with great results.

Thanks for the super fast shipment! GREAT product. Repeat customer :)

Wow. Worked better than I expected. My teeth are now 7 shades whiter than before. Perfect A+

free shipping

Best Teeth Whitening Gel
Awarded "Best Teeth Whitening Gel " - 2011

Star Teeth Whitening is the first and only online Dental company named one of the industry's "Best Teeth Whitening Gels" by Cosmetic Dentistry Reports.

Dentist Recommended & Approved

Star Teeth Whitening gel was formulated by world renown cosmetic dentist, DR. GEORGIO VATELLI D.D.S. We are the first cosmetic teeth whitening company to offer direct teeth whitening from the dentist to your door.