Dental Implants – Procedures, Types, and Cost

Dental CapsDental implants are the ultimate solution for replacing a missed tooth with an artificial tooth used for countering tooth loss. This procedure is a part of prosthetic dentistry that deals in artificial dental replacement. However, it is now being categorized as one of the important wings of cosmetic dentistry too as it helps in improving the overall appearance of a person.

Although there is countless restorative treatment options available on the market today, none of these treatments have actually been able to prove their efficacy and durability as the dental implants. In most of the cases, dental implants are the only logical choice for restoration of teeth and also for supporting the structures.

Why Do We Lose Our Teeth?

Tooth / teeth loss occurs due to various contributing factors, such as tooth decay, root canal failure, trauma, regular wear and tear, gum diseases and congenital defects. As people loose their tooth, they feel an increased discomfort in smiling, talking and even eating. Furthermore, biting irregularities are also caused due to tooth loss and this can as well have an adverse effect on the eating habits thereby leading to other secondary health concerns such as malnutrition.

Irrespective of the type of dental problem you are having, if you have lost a tooth or several teeth you can rely on dental implants.

The Procedure

The dental implants used today are almost identical to our original teeth. The appearances of the implants are made in such a way that there is a functional and structural conception established between the bone and the implant. The placement of implants takes one single session, although it might require segregationist for a considerable period of time.

Osseointegration is a different process that allows the dentist to anchorage the root of the dental implants and the living bone of the patient’s jaw. This is more durable than the regular dental implants and the success rate is higher as well. However, the process takes more than 6 months to anchor and finally heal after which the dentist places a crown as a mark of completion.

The dental implant procedure is done in two procedural steps – Jaw preparation and the Implantation. These are very detailed procedures that involve incisions and drilling for preparation and then finally implantation. The procedure entails the use of titanium, which is the primary implant material that needs to be screwed into the jaw bone surgically. It is quite a tedious and time taking procedure and you must seek help from an expert cosmetic dentist when you are looking for dental implants. Some people might experience immense pain and discomfort during the treatment, but it usually subsided within a few days.

The rate of success of dental implants is quite high, although the chance of failure is always high. The success also depends on the location where the implants are being placed. When placed at the back, implants can be really difficult to deal with; however, they are best suited for the front teeth.

Dental implants are undoubtedly good for replacing missed teeth, but it is equally important to have proper bone structure in the open space for the implant to take its shape.

Are you a Perfect Candidate for Dental Implants?

It is very important to judge whether or not you are a perfect candidate for dental implant. Implants are meant for people having one or many missed teeth. As long as you are having enough bone in your jaw and particularly at the point of the missing tooth thereby facilitating the anchorage of dental implants, the procedure yields fantastic results. However, if you are not having enough bone, you might have to undergo bone grafting. In case if you are having partial dentures or dental bridges, you can also opt for implants without any second thought. Implants are the best alternative to fixed bridge.

The Different Types of Dental Implants

Implants solely rely on the titanium fixtures that need to be inserted into the patient’s jawbone. Implants are made from titanium only, which is one of the most effective materials for this purpose. There are different types of dental implants such as Root Form Implant, Plate Form Implant and Sunperiosteal Implant.

Root Form Implant is basically the screw type resembling the root of your tooth. This is the commonly used dental implants and it is mainly used in those locations where there is a lot of depth and width to the jawbone.

In case if the jawbone is narrow for a bone grafting treatment, Plate Form Implant can be used. It is a unique way of placing an implant into a very narrow jawbone.

In such cases where there isn’t enough bone height or width for either Root form or Plate Form dental implant, the third option, which is the Subperiosteal implant, is usually used. This is a custom made implant that rests in the top of the jawbone and also under the gums to support the purpose.

The Cost Factor

Dental implants are quite expensive treatment as the results derived are unique. It requires a team of experts to perform dental implants, and also the results are extraordinary. The procedure in itself demands some experienced dentists and staffs and it also takes a lot of time and effort to see the final results.

The basic dental implant treatment cost varies from $1250 to $3500. There could be many other factors of additional costs affecting the final expenses depending on your condition.


Dental implants, particular permanent implants can give you long-lasting teeth even as you grow old. While the other similar options such as bridges and dentures tend to become unstable and loose, implants provide a natural looking and functional appeal. Implants are more aesthetic to look at and they also feel better than the conventional bridges.


Dental implants are very expensive and it is risky as well. If, by any chance, the first implant fails, you might have to spend fortunes to restore your lost tooth. Also, it is a time taking treatment and is painful too. Even after the procedure, you are likely to experience minor swelling, bruising and discomfort.

Dental implants is one of the restorative options available in the market. It is a part of prosthetic dentistry. It is an expensive cosmetic dentistry procedure. It helps improves the overall looks of a person.