Accelerated Orthodontics – Procedure and Cost by Star

Earlier in the past, the accelerated orthodontic treatments were solely reserved for the teens and preteens having problems with bite or malocclusion. Today however, accelerated orthodontic treatments, such as dental braces are not only reserved for the teenage groups, but these are also being used widely by the adults.

An estimated 30% of the orthodontic patients in US are adults. In spite of the increasing trend of the orthodontics treatment, people are still dubious to start off this treatment very early for increased effectiveness. It is suggested by the American Dental Association (ADA) that children over the age of seven can no opt for orthodontic evaluation in order to enhance their appearance.

Accelerated Orthodontics

In order to enhance your smile you can now use different accelerated orthodontic treatments with the use of various techniques like bonding, porcelain veneers traditional braces and crowns. Accelerated orthodontics is definitely a treatment worth considering. Although it is a relatively new procedure, it helps in moving your teeth much faster than the traditional braces. These treatments can really be applied to most of the cases where orthodontics is the only solution.

While the conventional braces take more than 3 years to enhance your smile, accelerated orthodontics takes only about 3 to 8 months to give you your desired smile.

Accelerated orthodontics helps in addressing the spacing, straightening, repositioning of the front teeth and closing of gaps. The results are unusually fast and it takes very less time to get the desired results. Accelerated orthodontics involves the use of proven periodontal and orthodontic treatments for giving the best results.

Accelerated orthodontics usually involves an experienced team of dental professionals, especially trained in the field of accelerated orthodontics. The process further involves a minor in-office rectification program along with the traditional orthodontic methods.

With accelerated orthodontics, you can not get a beautiful and even smile with the use of the techniques involved for reducing the width of the teeth and provide the necessary correction for crowding teeth too.

The Nature of Orthodontics

Orthodontics today is much beyond our imagination; it is one of the few restorative techniques that can actually help in repositioning your teeth and its underlying roots thereby providing a better support to the tooth. Orthodontics today offers better aesthetic appeal and increased comfort too, while reducing the time taken for treatment.

With the different methods of treatment involved, you can now have a rejuvenated facial appearance – the treatment makes subtle improvements in the shape of your jaw, lips and neck too, when combined with surgical procedures.

Are you a Candidate for Accelerated Orthodontics?

For adults seeking orthodontic treatments for cosmetic results, accelerated orthodontics is the best way of achieving a bright white smile in much less time than the traditional braces. In fact, more adults are selecting accelerated orthodontics as a perfect solution for speeding up the process of correction. This is also a perfect way to avoid braces for years.

Accelerated orthodontics is more effective when a person desired to correct the front teeth in order to have an attractive smile. Nonetheless, one must consult with a cosmetic dentist prior to the procedure in order to evaluate whether or not he/she is in good health to accept the treatment.

The Evaluation Process

There are a few procedures that you must go through while you are planning to go for accelerated orthodontics:

  • The overall oral, functional and facial evaluation.
  • Facial and intraoral photographs.
  • Cephalometric and panoramic x-rays.
  • Impressions to be taken for preparing the models of teeth as well as bite.

A cosmetic dentist or an orthodontist will carry out the necessary evaluations before preparing your teeth for the final procedure. The results derived will then be studied and accordingly the essential course of action will be planned.

The Procedure

Accelerated orthodontics is a combination of different dental procedures. The procedure also involves a team of experts in the field of cosmetic dentistry as well as orthodontics together to produce excellent results. Minor in-office treatments are involved together with the conventional treatments that produce dramatic results in no time.

Accelerated orthodontics sometimes involves periodontal surgery too within a week from placing the braces. It is usually done under local anesthesia. This procedure does not create any discomfort; the sensation is almost the same as that of regular dental cleaning. The discomfort is likely to last for a couple of days after the procedure, but it is less painful than the conventional orthodontic treatments.

Patients are likely to have itching sensation in the gums initially during the treatment as the teeth starts moving faster than with that of the conventional braces.

With accelerated orthodontics too, you would need to come to your dentist for frequent follow up sessions. This is necessary to retain the corrections for long.

The Cost:

Average cost: $4,000

Accelerated orthodontics isn’t a single treatment, but a blend of many treatments. Therefore, the cost of the treatment is likely to vary according to the hands needed and the procedures involved. The cost of this procedure is almost the same as the traditional braces, except for the fact that the process is much speedier than the braces. If lingual braces are used behind the teeth, it will further add to the costs.

Advantages and Disadvantages


The greatest advantage of accelerated orthodontics is that it takes just about three to nine months for the results of this treatment to manifest. Also, a bright, white smile along with aligned teeth is guaranteed. Unlike the conventional treatments, accelerated orthodontics is much faster and better, and it also does not require any tooth loss.


As accelerated orthodontics is a relatively new treatment option, the dentists require proper training for performing these treatments. When teeth are crowded and special slimming treatments are required, it can be increasingly difficult to streamline the teeth to bring a shape.