Brite Smile – How It Works and the Cost Involved

BRITESMILEBriteSmile Teeth Whitening is widely known for its superior quality of whiteness and gentleness. It is also very easy to access this method of teeth whitening unlike the other different treatments available on the market today.

BriteSmile teeth whitening treatment is now available in almost all the locations in the state and is popularly known as a self-standing treatment. It helps in improving the appearance of a person significantly from a dulled and gloomy look to a brighter and whiter appeal.

In just one single dental office visit you can now get back the smile that you’d always desired.

BriteSmile Teeth Whitening

Some studies have contradicted the fact that in-office teeth whitening systems work better than the other methods available today. Nonetheless, this notion has been denied by some experts and by a class of people who have actually benefited from the in-office dental whitening treatments.

There isn’t any substitute to the results derived from in-office teeth whitening treatment and particularly BriteSmile teeth whitening as the procedure is carried out under the supervision of a cosmetic dentist with careful monitoring and safe use of chemicals. Due to this, the results of the treatment can be seen immediately after the treatment, which is marvelous. No other teeth whitening method can produce quick results than the in-office treatment options.

The at-home teeth whitening treatments usually take longer (more than a week) to show the desired results.

How It Works:

The working principle of BriteSmile teeth whitening treatment is simple and easy. It is a non-invasive procedure divided into 3 steps as noted below:

  • The proprietary BriteSmile teeth whitening gel is applied onto the teeth carefully after isolating the gums from the teeth carefully.
  • After applying the gel properly it is activated with the help of the patented BriteSmile laser light for approximately 20 minutes. During that time you can relax and watch television, movies or listen to some soft music of your choice.
  • The complete procedure of gel application and the use of the blue light for 20 minutes are repeated once again (twice) and it takes 20 minutes for the complete procedure. Within one hour you are ready and all set to go home with naturally white teeth and a new smile.

The BriteSmile teeth whitening procedure uses a formula that combines the use of hydrogen peroxide gel and a blue lamp that has been specially designed for accelerating the process of teeth whitening. BriteSmile offers a mild gel (15 percent) that helps in preventing your teeth from any damage. Using a gentle gel also helps in preventing your teeth from sensitivity.

The gel used for the procedure is pH balanced, well compatible with the tooth enamel and is specially formulated for responding to the wavelength of the lamp when activated. The BriteSmile teeth whitening procedure also insists in the use of water and glycerin for preventing your teeth from dehydration. The blue light which is used for the process is safe on your tooth enamel, gums, skin and the soft tissues and it is shaped in such a way so that it can illuminate as well as whiten both the upper and the lower teeth simultaneously.

BriteSmile Works Best On:

The BriteSmile teeth whitening treatment is very effective in treating stains and discolorations caused due to age or our food habits. There are certain foods that cause staining over time, such as dark colored vegetables and fruits, soy sauce, red wine, cola, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, smoking tobacco etc.

These stains usually affect the upper layer of the teeth and are best treated with teeth whitening portions like BriteSmile. Nonetheless, if you have some deeper stains that are usually caused due to medications, BriteSmile might not be of great help. It might only help in lessening the condition and not removing the stains completely.

The best part about BriteSmile teeth whitening procedure is that the entire treatment is carried out under the supervision of an expert cosmetic dentist. Until the procedure is completed the patient is under the observation of the dentist and his team of experts. This actually ensures safety and efficacy of the treatment that lasts longer than you can imagine. However, if you are expecting permanent teeth whitening I must add that there’s nothing permanent.

Teeth whitening is a temporary procedure that usually tends to fade over time and with our daily food habits. Constant follow up routine must be maintained in order to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

Maintaining BriteSmile Whiteness

As stated before, you need to maintain the whiteness of your teeth with all your efforts. You must concentrate on the foods that you are eating as foods are the main cause of dental staining. Avoid tobacco, cola, and smoking, beverages like tea and coffee, dark colored drinks and especially red wine. You must also go for regular dental check ups from time to time to check if your teeth are healthy and if the whiteness is effected in anyways.

It isn’t difficult to maintain the whiteness but there are too many restrictions to abide by. Therefore, if you aren’t prepared for the post whitening maintenance, you might think twice before you choose to settle down for teeth whitening treatments.

After the BriteSmile teeth whitening treatment, dentists usually offer touch-up kits to be used at home when required. There are times when you might need immediate whiteness and you can use these kits or strips (whatever is provided to you) for the purpose.

BriteSmile Cost

Average cost: $550

In-office teeth whitening treatments are usually expensive and so is BriteSmile. A single BriteSmile teeth whitening session costs up to $550, which is pretty expensive. However, the results are so gratifying that people don’t hesitate to pay off this huge amount for such remarkable whiteness. Only wish it was long-lasting.

BriteSmile teeth whitening treatment does not require any recovery time as this is an instant treatment procedure that can give you satisfying results in an hour. Although there are many other in-office teeth whitening treatments that seem to be promising, but BriteSmile stands out due to its gentleness in removing the stains and bringing about remarkable whiteness.