Dentist Only Section

Authorized Star Teeth Whitening Dentists

We are currently accepting Cosmetic Dentists to offer Star Teeth Whitening™ treatments and gel in select regions based off qualifications.

Please send us company practice profile along with any special considerations.

*Strict Qualifications to Only Approved Cosmetic Dentists.

Current Regions Available:

United States:
*Limited Regions Available – Contact Us
*United Kingdom – Limited
*France – Limited
*South Africa
*Hong Kong
*All Regions Available
*New Zealand

Free Samples to Dentists

Once approved we will provide you or your company with free samples of our teeth whitening products and gel.

If you have further questions in becoming an authorize distributor, please contact our sales department and we will respond within 24 hours during normal business hours.

For per-approvals, please contact us. Once we have verified your information we will email you are wholesale price list along with free samples of your choice.