Dental Insurance – How Much Does It Cost And What Does It Cover?

Dental insurance plans are designed to help offset some costs related to dental care. As most dental treatments are very expensive, it is imperative to have an insurance cover in order to receive routine as well as essential dental treatment.

What is Available?

orthodonticsThere are different dental plans available in the world today, which makes it easier for individual residing in various parts to counterbalance their dental care expenses. Plans do have certain limitations on the total number of dental clinic visits, x-rays and radiography, and other essential treatments covered, but it serves the primary purpose of saving some money.

There are certain plans that reimburse patients with the least expensive treatments; there are other plans too that do not cover some of the essential treatments for per-existing dental conditions.

It is very important to be aware of the flexible options that are available for dental insurance.

Choice of Dental Insurance Plans:

There are certain choices that have been given to patients opting for dental insurance cover. Some of the common plans are:

• Indemnity Insurance Plan: An indemnity plan is the one that gives you freedom to choose your dentists. Such plans are also known to fee-for-services that do have certain limitations along with options for co-payment. You would have to pay a flat fee for your dental visit, and there would be a yearly limit on the coverage for your dental expenditure, some specific coverage limits and applicable charges to dental procedures.

• Dental Care Plan for Services: There are dental care plans specific to a certain service, used by a defined group of dentists forming a non-profit organization. These organizations provide their dental services at a set fee.

• Capitation Dental Plan: The capitation plans assign specific dentists to treatment. These dentists are in a contract with the insurance company, which will pay them a fee, irrespective of whether or not the dental treatment was needed.

• Self-Insurance Dental Plans: There are some self-insurance plans that are the same as indemnity plans; however, you would not be allowed to choose your dentist.

There are many other options for dental insurance cover to choose from.


Dental insurance covers a lot of treatments, but there are some exceptions too. For instance, if you need a dental filling, and your preference is composite filling, you must verify whether or not your insurance company offers cover for composite fillings. Only the traditional treatments are usually covered by the plans, which in this case if amalgam filling.

Cosmetic dental treatments are not included in dental insurance cover plans. However, if veneers or implants are required for restorative needs, you can ask the dentist about the possible methods of reimbursement. Necessary cosmetic treatments like orthodontic bite adjustment or root canals are often included in the insurance cover.

Remember, dental insurance plans are different for different companies. Therefore, you must verify with the insurance company and the dentist to get all possible details.

Average Dental Insurance Cost:

Employer: $20-30/month

Uninsured: $100-$150/month

The cost of dental insurance varies from state to state and company to company. There are some common terms like EOB (Explanation of Benefits) that needs to be identified for the dental treatment under Usual, Customary and Reasonable. Separate rules have to be followed and UCR fees will be decided by the insurance providers or companies depending on the costs associated with the procedures.